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AF Associates offers a comprehensive platform that serves as a valuable resource for students seeking the ideal educational institutes that cater to their individual needs. Currently, our platform facilitates institutes in effectively recruiting highly talented individuals for their programs. We provide professional counseling services to prospective students, taking into account crucial factors such as their career aspirations, previous qualifications, future goals, expectations, financial capabilities, budgetary constraints, and the specific entry requirements of various institutions.

At AF Associates, our primary focus is to guide students towards institutions that align perfectly with their educational and professional objectives. We actively promote our esteemed partner institutes to prospective students, assuming the role of their trusted advocates. Leveraging our expertise, we recommend students on behalf of our partner institutes, meticulously evaluating their eligibility criteria and providing essential country-specific information to assist them in making well-informed decisions.We take immense pride in our team of dedicated education counselors who are readily available to provide unwavering support to both our partners and clients. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, our counselors offer personalized guidance throughout the entire decision-making process. Whether it involves clarifying uncertainties, addressing concerns, or offering valuable insights, our counselors are committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring a successful educational journey for every student.

AF Associates offers high-quality and effective marketing services to the education establishment (i.e. Universities and colleges) for recruiting their prospective students. We organize education fairs, open day assessments, seminars and events from time to time where both the institutions and students get opportunities to explore each other. AF Associates maintain the highest level of integrity, transparency and fair practice with the students as well as with our partner institutes. Our members from the education counsellor team are well qualified and selected from diverse background having international qualifications.

AF Associates  team has professional skills, expertise and industry experiences in respect of assessing, guiding, selecting and recruiting students for admission deploying their highest professionalism. Very recently AF added new version team call in-house compliance team, who are checking local and international students’ credibility, academic excellences, and taking comprehensive interviews before they proceed forward to the University and ECO. Your comments, recommendations and feedback are highly appreciated which will help us improve our services.

Company Activities

Dedicated Team and Industrial Strength

Most of our colleagues are graduated from UK Universities. Train by the British Council and certified Joining UCAS International Teacher and Advisers conference every year since 2013. Agent Application Form Jan 2020 Team trained by the Partner Universities and hold up-to-date information. Well trained Compliance team who manage Quality control and who hold right to reject any application at any time.

Empowering students with quality education abroad is the objective of AF associates. We are committed to building a better future for students facilitating them with excellent education options for personal and career growth aspiring to study abroad. With a keen focus on quality education, we help students choose the best institution based on their academics and financial ability. I am honored to be a leader of a highly dedicated team that ensures complete support and guidance to enhance students’ career development.

MD Hafizul Islam Hafiz

Founder and Director

AF Associates focus on assisting students for higher education internationally with the best in consultancy services. We aim to help students to make decisions on the best individual educational and career plan and prepare them for the resulting challenges. We believe in student satisfaction and facilitating them with personalized services according to their well-being. With the 10 years of experience, we are privileged to guide students taking the most important decision of their life and support them for their bright future.

MD Mafizul Islam Fahim

CEO & Head of Admin

AF Recruitment Activities

   AF Recruitment Activities:

✓ Organize local & international Education fairs and expos.

✓ Spot assessment day.

✓ University open admission day.

✓ Seminars.

✓ School visits

✓ Promote newly introduced courses by our partners.

✓ Study tour events (in process for the future)

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