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Experience the beautiful natural environment and multi-cultural society of USA

Every year a large number of students choose the USA as a study destination because of the huge amount of opportunities in different fields. Foreign students flock to american institutions for the high quality of teaching, learning resources and extracurricular activities. Most of these institutes offer scholarship to international students.

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New York


Why choose USA?

  1. High-quality education: The USA has some of the best universities in the world, offering a wide range of programs and degrees. American universities are known for their rigorous academic standards, world-class facilities, and highly qualified faculty.

  2. Wide range of programs and majors: American universities offer a wide variety of programs and majors, including many that are not available in other countries. This allows students to pursue their interests and passions and develop specialized skills and knowledge.

  3. Career opportunities: A degree from a US university is highly valued by employers around the world, and studying in the USA can help students develop the skills, knowledge, and networks they need to succeed in their chosen career.

  4. Cultural immersion: Studying in the USA provides an opportunity for international students to immerse themselves in American culture, learn about American customs and values, and develop cross-cultural communication skills.

  5. Diversity: American universities are diverse and inclusive, with students and faculty from all over the world. This provides an opportunity for students to learn from different perspectives and develop a global mindset.

  6. Research opportunities: American universities are at the forefront of research in many fields, providing students with opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research projects and collaborate with leading experts in their field.

Plan your Admission Journey with A&F

Every year many students dream to apply for USA universities by reason of having a wide range of courses and the career opportunities. But many of them find it difficult while applying for the universities and the visa paperwork. Most of the students get scholarship from USA faculties specially engineering students. AF Associates  offers free consultation with full assistance through the application processing and visa documentation. We assist students during their interview taken by university before accepting their offer. Our expert counselors are pioneer to their work. Our dedicated Visa Processing  team has helped thousands of international students to fly to Americas and has highest visa success rate. We are committed to your dream.

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