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University Of South Wales

University Of South Wales Are you looking for a best university outside of England? As an international student you may think about the location, tuition fees, education quality before applying to a university abroad. And if you are looking for a renowned university within an affordable tuition fee outside of England then University of South Wales can be a good option for you. We will discuss it later. The UK is a welcoming country and offers different intakes for overseas students. Among them September is the main intake as in this intake almost every university offers numerous courses at different levels of study.

This article will cover everything about September intake 2023 at University of South Wales. As an international student if you want to apply at USW for September 2023 intake hopefully this article will help you a lot.

Why Should you choose University of South Wales

You will find more than 100 universities that are offering higher education for September 2023 intake. But it’s quite tough for you to find the best one among all the options. There are some factors that affect the decision of a student to choose a university abroad. And previously we said that if you want to study outside of England then University of South Wales can be the best option for you. So, here is the reason why you should choose USW as your study abroad destination.

Research based learning

The University of South Wales has a high reputation for research. Their popular research areas are crime, security and justice, health and wellbeing, sustainable environment, creative industries and digital economy and many more. So if you want to get a research based environment then USW can be the right place for you.

Affordable tuition fees

So, are you looking for a university outside of England with affordable tuition fees for September 2023 intake? Generally the university outside of England requires higher tuition fees. The University of South Wales is located in Wales. And unlike other universities in Wales USW requires affordable tuition fees.

Focused on vocational courses

Learning becomes successful when you become skilled. USW focused on vocational courses so it can be a great opportunity for you to make yourself ready for the future from this September 2023 intake.

Accommodation facilities

Accommodation problem is the biggest fear for an international student. Because it is related to cost and finding affordable accommodation abroad is quite tough. So, keeping the students’ thoughts in mind USW offers affordable on campus accommodation for the international students.

Guaranteed job opportunities

If you have a UK student visa you will get a 20 hours work permit during your term time. University of South Wales offers numerous on campus job opportunities to the students. So study at USW in September intake 2023 and grab the opportunity to build your career as a high class job holder.

Location and Campuses of University of South Wales

University of South Wales is located in Wales on the western side of southern Great Britain. The university has 3 broad campuses in Cardiff, Newport and Pontypridd. Studying at USW in September 2023 intake means studying in a busy Capital city Cardiff, a small city Newport and an old town Pontypridd. Wales is an amazing state and every city in Wales offers plenty of job opportunities. So, studying at USW in September 2023 intake can be a great option for you.

How many intakes are there in University of South Wales

Generally the British universities offer 3 intakes for the students. University of South Wales is a top ranked university of the UK and this university also offers 3 intakes such as January, May and September. Where January is called Spring session, May is called Summer and September is called fall/main Session. Application of USW for September 2023 intake is going on. So, if you want to study at this university you should apply now.

5 best reasons to choose University of South Wales for September 2023 Intake

Previously we have discussed why you should choose University of South Wales as your higher education destination. Now we will discuss why you choose the September intake 2023 to study at USW. So, here are the reasons-

  • Almost all courses remain available in September 2023 intake
  • Opportunity to live in world’s best city
  • Students enrolling through September intake 2023 get numerous job opportunities
  • All types of scholarship are available in September 2023 intake
  • You will get some extra facilities for getting enrolled through the fall session

Final Words

As an international student University of South Wales will offer you the world’s best opportunity. USW is a renowned university in Wales. So, if you want to study at this university in September 2023 intake you can register with A&F Associates. Our expert counsellors are very much willing to help you.


Is there any scholarship available at University of South Wales for September 2023 intake?

Yes. USW offers standard scholarships for international students in September intake 2023. For undergraduate the scholarship ranges between £1500-£2500 and for postgraduate level the scholarship ranges from £2000-£2500.

Why University of South Wales the best?

USW offers research led learning opportunities with affordable tuition fees. Which is a great opportunity for international students. That’s why the USW is the best study destination for international students.

Is USW good for international students?

USW offers amazing facilities for international students including quality education, research led environment, world-class job opportunities and many more.

Is the University of South Wales offering September intake 2023?

Yes. USW usually offers 3 intakes for international students and September is their main intake. Application for September intake 2023 at South Wales university is going on.

What happens after I submit my application to USW for September 2023 intake?

After making an application to USW, you will get a conditional/unconditional offer letter. If you meet all the requirements and the university finds you worthy you will get an unconditional offer letter.

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